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Fall Beauty Treats & Tricks

Each passing season comes with its own challenges and rewards. The transition into fall is heralded by cooler temperatures, seasonal beverages, and colorful landscapes. Different weather conditions are going to have different effects on our skin.

The cold, drier air can cause skin to lose its luster, which is why you should switch up your skincare routine with the season. An extremely hydrating product like YOUTH INTENSIVE CRÈME™ will benefit skin that is drier this time of year, while also providing anti-aging benefits and keeping that glow into the holidays.

With the growing trend of makeup Halloween ideas, you might be reaching for products that have been living in the back of your vanity untouched since last Halloween. If you use a product infrequently, make sure to check the suggested use by date or expiration date before applying it. Expired products may have a myriad of potential hazards ranging from increased bacteria to loss of potency of the active ingredient. If the product doesn’t have a specific expiration date printed on the packaging, it is usually illustrated by an open container symbol with the shelf life in months.

Halloween face makeup is often thicker in consistency and harder to take off than what you would wear every day. This makes it all the more important to wash your face every night. Using a gentle cream or oil based cleanser is great to break down makeup residue, like CREAM CLEANSER, which deep cleans without stripping your skin of moisture. It also can be applied to dry skin to further help remove stubborn makeup; with one swipe you can remove your makeup – no water necessary!

Your specific skincare switch-ups this season will depend on how your skin reacts to the change in conditions. We offer Free Skin Care consultation with any product purchase. Call 718.261.4747 to make sure your skin stays in great shape this season.


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