with SplendorX by Lumenis

What is Splendor X?

Splendor X by Lumenis One of the world's most advanced -- Splendor X by Lumenis is the first solid state laser system equipped with the unique BLEND X technology that delivers personalized hair, vascular and anti-aging treatments for all skin types more quickly, safely and effectively than ever before.

Why is Splendor X better for Laser Hair Reduction?

SPLENDOR X treats a wide range of hair removal procedures, with BLEND X, Binary laser emission of Nd: YAG (1064nm) and Alexandrite (755nm) wavelengths, synchronized to fire with adjustable proportions. At 250W output power, SPLENDOR X provides rapid coverage rate combining high fluency, large spot size and high repetition rate. The unique square spot shape eliminates overlap and hot spots, guaranteeing uniform skin coverage. Furthermore, a built-in plume evacuator ensures a smoke free and safer environment.

What are the Benefits?

Splendor X by Lumenis lets you customize hair removal and skin treatments across an infinite spectrum of skin tones like never before. BLEND X
SPLENDOR X is empowered by BLEND X is a truly unique solid state laser system with unprecedented power, speed and coverage rate. Square shape spot sizes The revolutionary square shape laser spot provides faster and uniform coverage of the treatment area, with larger spots penetrating deeper. no overlap, no burns and no retouching missed areas. Fast treatments
Large spot size and rapid repetition rate Treatment versatility and skin solutions
Wrinkles, vascular and pigmented lesions